Through the ages

In the summer of 1922 you could read in a respected specialist magazine:

Inseparately connected is the development of the compressor construction and the manufacturing of air tools with the company Frankfurter Maschinenbau AG, earlier Pokorny & Wittekind. For more than one century the FMA Pokorny is in the lead. Regarding the excellence as well as the number of manufactured compressors and air tools, it is not exceeded by any other company.

In 1959 FMA POKORNY became a member of the DEMAG - companies organisation.

In 1970 the transformation into Demag Verdichter- und Drucklufttechnik became reality.

In 1973 this one was undertaken by the Mannesmann group and operated under the name of Mannesmann Demag Verdichter und Drucklufttechnik with its place of business in Frankfurt am Main.

In 1983 the sector air tools and air motors was committed to Strohm Karl Gänssle GmbH Co. KG Stuttgart starting at 1.1.1984.

Since 1.10.2009 it is renamed in MD Drucklufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart.