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MD Power hammers

Air hammers were produced by MANNESMANN DEMAG (former Frankfurter Maschinenbau AG) already more than 100 years ago.

Since 1983/84 tehy are produced in Stuttgart .

Ongoing innovation in the history of MANNESMANN DEMAG and our partners led to optimized air tools manufactured for the current market demand.

Many air tool specialists, developpers, constructors and the demands of our customers had their share in these developments. Therefore you can rely on product advantages like ergonomy and very low vibration and noise levels - combined with enhanced productivity potential.

Our air hammers are produced to come up to the testing according DIN EN ISO 8041:2006 and the EU-regulations in force.
We want to thank you for your long lasting trust over the years passed.

We will seek to service you to your complete satisfaction and to stand by as a competent partner also in future.