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Unità modulare a deflessione

The modulare System for your deburring process

With the new modular deflection unit SSU 60 you can combine many air motors, chamfering tools, filing machines or grinding spindles.

The System does deflect in one axis up and down (radial).
The angle of deflection is  +/- 5°

Due to the modular build up of the system machines and deflection are separated. This gives many options to use different machine or be flexible if in future the process or the application changes. The maintenance of machines is also very simple and fast and reduces costs.

Inductive Sensors control the deflection. They can give warning before a collision might occur and inform if the process is within it's parameters.

Deflection unit with brushing motors:

Besides air motos from our standard product range we can use motors with a speed control  and/ or  our chick change unit with the deflection unit. Depending on the diameters of  the air motors we offer reduction sleeves to reduce the standard size of 60 mm to 56 mm or 42 mm.

Other reduction are avaiable on request.

Deflection unit with filing machines:

The filing machine FRV 100 is supllied with a round collet to clamp 4 mm and 6 mm file shafts.

Deflection unit with angle grinders:

Even anlge grinders can be clamped with the deflection unit.

Deflection unit chamfering tool with angle head:


For difficult to reach areas the angle chamfering machine EWBS 38 - 520 is the perferct solution.