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Metalworking - The core competence

Grinding machines for perfect metalworking

Grinding machines of the highest quality

Our grinders are as easy to hold as a drawing pencil

Precise - flexible - steadfast

Our air tools have been meeting the high demands of the industry for many years and cover a wide range. With us you will find everything for perfect surface finishing.

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Overview of our grinding machines


Our high speed grinding machines guarantee excellent machining quality and are extremely maintenance friendly. Due to the high concentricity as well as the elastic bearing the cutter wear is massively reduced and the continuous running time is increased. And all of this is completely oil free! 

Grinding machines - The product range

All our sanding machines are ergonomically shaped so that fatigue free working is possible. The low vibration values guarantee safe guiding of the machines and ensure optimum deburring and surface results. Many of our MD grinders have a safety lever valve according to EN 792, so that the worker is always perfectly protected. Our extensive range includes sanders from 40 watts to 1300 watts. With our designs, we offer you almost everything for metal and surface processing: straight grinders, angle grinders, random orbital sanders, radial sanders, vertical sanders, belt sanders or turbine sanders for oil-free operation.

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Our countersinks offer a perfect range for all deburring work that has to be done by hand. Drill countersinks are ideal for burr and chatter free countersinking, deburring and countersinking of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals. Due to the variable and low cutting speed the tools achieve the best results.

The angled countersinker BSW 506 and its smaller brother the BSW 903 are used for deburring hard to reach areas, such as holes with cross holes.

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Drilling and tapping machines

Our wide range - drilling from 1 to 50 mm, in straight, angle or pistol grip design - guarantees professional drilling for every required application. The selection of the right drilling machine depends primarily on the drill diameter, the material as well as the resulting required cutting speed.

The thread cutting machines are ideally suited for cutting and cleaning threads. Thanks to their favourable power to weight ratio and their handiness, they offer optimal solutions for all production tasks. Our taps are equipped with a two jaw pendulum chuck with round wedge.

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Filers and jigsaws

Our machines have a vibration value of 2 m/s2 so that only the filer and the jigsaw vibrate, not your hand.

With its high cutting speed the jigsaw is ideal for processing sheet steel (car body sheet, sheet metal tubes, etc.) aluminium and plastic.

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Needle guns

Needle guns are versatile and can be used for derusting, cleaning, deslagging, plastering, roughening and paint removal. The needles are easy to change thanks to the bayonet lock. The patented vibration system produces a vibration level of just ≤ 2 m/s2

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Engraving pens

Our engraving pens have a tungsten carbide needle and are ideal for marking a wide range of materials. The type GST M has a broader needle and is is preferably used for chiseling or for working on fossils. How could it be otherwise? The engraving pens have an extremely low vibration level.

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