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Ready for all applications

With MD compressed air technology you are always well equipped

Our applications at a glance


No matter what task lies ahead of you, together with our air tools and motors you are always well equipped and ready to achieve your goals. 

Machinery and plant construction

Our air drives are perfect for plant and machine construction. In addition to classic air motors up to 4.4 KW, you can also get drilling and brushing motors, agitator motors or grinding and deburring spindles for your plant. By installing sensors for speed monitoring you are always informed about the condition of the motors in your plant.
We also manufacture special solutions or individual components such as planetary gears or motor blocks for your compressed air motors. We will be happy to advise you on your customised solutions. 

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Robotic deburring technology

Your production is automated? We can support you in all positions with our flexible robot spindles that can be moved out of the way: Deburring, milling, brushing, countersinking and drilling. You would like to have full process control and evaluate and save speed, deflection, deflection direction, service intervals and running time in real time during deburring?

With our VSpin you monitor the states of the spindle and cutter, via component and burr, as well as the deburring process. This data can be processed in the robot control. Our air tools have been meeting the high demands of the industry for many years and cover a wide range. With us you will find everything for perfect surface finishing. Thanks to audio visual feedback, teaching takes place in a fraction of the time previously required.

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Metal and surface processing

Our air tools have been meeting the high demands of the industry for many years and cover a wide range. With us you will find everything for perfect surface finishing. Our high speed grinding machines guarantee excellent machining quality and are extremely maintenance friendly. Due to the high concentricity as well as the elastic bearing, the cutter wear is massively reduced and the continuous running time is increased. And with our turbine grinders you work completely oil free!

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Casting and ramming

When the going gets tough again: with MD chisel hammers you can get through any material. And if you need something finer, we also have the right chisel hammers in our range. From our robust metal chisel hammers for smelting operations to light chisel hammers with one hand operation, we have everything in our range.

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Building and concrete refurbishment

With our chisel hammers you are always well equipped. No matter whether in road construction or concrete renovation. Our hammers promise power and impact force with minimal vibrations - for better work safety.

In addition to delicate installation work with the light hammers MD x or also MD y, hard work is also possible with our power hammers. Whether for knocking off plaster work and tiles or for removing stubborn floor coverings with adhesive residues: we have the right pneumatic hammer for your application. 

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Screwing technology

With the professional tools for screwdriving technology even screwing and measuring torques is a pleasure. We have thought through everything for you down to the last detail. The tried and tested impact wrenches are easy to maintain, adjustable in impact strength and economical thanks to high performance with little air consumption.

For the price performance conscious user we have the perfect product available with the Blackline series of impact wrenches and ratchet wrenches.


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With our carving hammers you can perfectly carve your ideas in stone. Thanks to a gentle start and the possibility of single strokes you can work precisely and with pinpoint accuracy. 

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the handle the hammer fits perfectly in the hand - for fatigue free working. The low vibration values ensure that you do not experience any discomfort even over longer periods of work and that work related hand and arm problems are reduced.  

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