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Air Motor MUD 62-50

Technical attributes

All data related to 6.3 bar working pressure.
Subject to technical alterations.

Power 0.60 kW
Speed under load 50 min⁻¹
Torque 114.00 Nm
Start torque 171.00 Nm
Maximum Torque 228.00 Nm
Free speed 100 min⁻¹
Air consumption 14.0 ls
Weight 2.50 kg
Shaft load Fr max. 3900 N
Shaft load Fa max. 1800 N
Hose l.D. 13.0 mm
Direction of rotation reversible
Resistant to stalling
ATEX available
Stainless steel
Low speed
Drive types Cylinder
Area of application Standard
Design Cap
Speed sensor
Stock level 4 weeks

Mr Claus Bay

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Article accessory

speed throttle 1/2" Item number: 9361708
silencer 1/2" Item number: 49589026
Maintenance unit 1/2'' Item number: 03029274
Maintenance unit 3/8'' Item number: 03029174
bottom flange Ø 60 mm Item number: 60017975
Oil trap Item number: 60070826