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BME 80-4500 WS

  • Constant high torque across the entire flexibly adjustable speed range.
  • Uniform power during operation ensures consistently high surface quality
  • Low energy consumption with high efficiency
  • Very compact design and flexible use of the spindle due to deliberate separation between tool and control system
  • Suitable frequency converter
  • Quiet drive ensures low noise level
  • Quick-change chuck    
  • Low maintenance requirements

Technical attributes

Power S1: 0,52 kW / max. 0,69 kW
Clamping diameter 45 mm
Speed range 700 - 4500 min⁻¹
Torque S1: 1,14 Nm / max. 1,77 Nm
ER collet 16 mm
Weight 2.40 kg
Frequency 100 - 667 Hz
Voltage D.C. 33 v
Current S1: 13 A / max. 18 A
Stainless steel
Area of application Grinding, brushing
Plug type 915
Motor protection PTC
Protection category IP 55
Sealing air 40 - 50 Nl/min
Drive type Electrical
Art of motor 3 ~ selsyn motor (PMSM)
Inverter recommendation MD Drive
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Mr Claus Bay

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Article accessory

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