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Grinding spindle ES 350 ER

  • For installation in transfer lines, machine tools and robot stations
  • Stainless steel housings
  • Stainless steel spindles
  • With collet chuck or precision collet chuck
  • High true-running accuracy
  • Paired bearings for longer tool life time and better running properties
  • Optional with rotating splashguard to prevent penetration of dust, water or chips

Technical attributes

All data related to 6.3 bar working pressure.
Subject to technical alterations.

Power 0.3 kW
Free speed 35000 min⁻¹
Exhaust air to rear
Turbine motor
ER collet 6 mm
Carbide burrs up to max. diam. 10 mm
Mounted points up to max. diam. 16 mm
Noise level 79 dB(A)
Air consumption 8.3 ls
Weight 0.42 kg
Direction of rotation clockwise
Stainless steel
Drive types Collet
Area of application Deburring and milling
Speed sensor
Compliance none
Connection air supply (hose) ø<br>inside | outside 6 | 8
Accessories supplied Wrench
Stock level < 10 items

Mr Claus Bay

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Article accessory

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Lubricating oil 1l Item number: 09505533
Collet 3 mm Item number: 9369853
Collet 4 mm Item number: 9369849
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