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Motor for brushing EBM 2900 S-ST

  • With speed sensor to adjust the optimal speed under load
  • To compensate the wear of tools
  • To inform that the tools need to be changed to to wear
  • To prevent collision
  • To recongize in time the wear of the motor if speed reduces
  • stainless steel housings
  • With collets for high precision
  • Ideal for drilling or brushing

Technical attributes

All data related to 6.3 bar working pressure.
Subject to technical alterations.

Power 0.38 kW
Free speed 2900 min⁻¹
ER collet 6 mm
Gear ratio 1 : 6.44
Air consumption 8.5 ls
Weight 1.12 kg
Hose l.D. 10.0 mm
Direction of rotation clockwise
Resistant to stalling
ATEX available
Stainless steel
Low speed
Drive types Collet
Area of application Drilling + Brushing
Design Cap
Speed sensor
Compliance none
Stock level 3-4 weeks

Mr Claus Bay

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Article accessory

Item number: 60054925
Item number: 9351103
Item number: 9351104
Item number: 9351105
Item number: 9351101
Item number: 9351102
collet 3 mm Item number: 9369855
collet 5 mm Item number: 9369850
collet 6 mm Item number: 9369839
collet 8 mm Item number: 9369842
collet 10 mm Item number: 9369852
Maintenance unit 1/2'' Item number: 03029274
Maintenance unit 1/4'' Item number: 03029074
speed throttle 1/4" Item number: 9361705
bottom flange Ø 42 mm Item number: 29948415
Oil trap Item number: 60070826