Robot spindle ESR 350 X3

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Article no.: 60051755

Here is our contribution for your demanding 100% deburring: Mannesmann Demag Air spindle ESR 350 X3 with manually adjustable compensation force. High quality matching cost reduction when the chips are down: for example with gear-boxes, axle- or machine housings.

The high speed spindle has a radial (360°) and an additional axial compensation in Z-axis. With the radial compensation the spindle is highly suitable for the deburring of undefined edges. Axial forces may act on the spindle due to the unfinished castings surfaces. The compensation in Z-axis absorbs these loads and prevents the spindle from being damaged. Created with a set of springs, the user can easily set the compensation force by an adjusting ring. This allows a quick adaption to different materials or parts.

The actuation is made while the main machine spindle stands still. The air supply is made through the inner coolant supply line or – for low-end lathes – through the optional hose connector at the lateral direct connection.

The high rotational speed of 35.000 rpm combined with the adjustable compensation force results in high feeding rates, non-shattering work and an optimized smooth surface without carbide tip cooling. The cylindrical shaft Weldon 20 adaptor of the spindle according to DIN 1835-E20 allows an easy mounting on all taper models and a use in the ATC magazine. The unsupported length of only 219 mm allows an integration in the common CNC-machines.

The maximum radial compliance is 10°. The maximum axial compliance is 3 mm. This allows a trouble-free working with the most common part tolerances of castings in a multi-shift operation.

Besides the savings of reduced waste and savings in manual labour time with all imponderability also the internal logistics are factors for cost reduction.
Technical Data
Type ESR 350 X3
Air supply lubricated
Free speed 35000 min-1
ER collet 6 mm
Power 0.30 kW
Radial deflection +/- 4°
Exhaust air to front
Fully variable force of compliance 6 - 25 N
Direction of rotation clockwise
Noise level 79 dB(A)
Air consumption 8.3 ls
Weight 1.80 kg
Connection air supply (hose) ø
inside | outside
6 | 8
Accessories supplied Wrench
All data related to 6.3 bar working pressure.
Subject to technical alterations.
Robot spindle ESR 350 X3
Spare parts list
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3D - model
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