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Deburring and milling

Robotspindles with deflection

Our turbinespindles with deflection (ESR 1000 / VSpin 1000) are designed for the use with robots:

  • High revolution speed for excellent surface finishing.
  • Ideal for plastics and other materials which require non-lubricated and clean air.
  • For non-lubricated use, practically wearless, with floating spindle support
  • Easy to service turbine motor.
  • The force of compliance can be set and adjusted precisely by using a precision pressure regulator.

Our powerful rotating piston air engines are perfectly fit for brushing, chamfering and grinding with robots:

  • Large revolution speed and power ranges for different deburring tasks.
  • Fit for robust deburring tasks.
  • Easy to mount horizontally or vertically onto a tool stand due to cuboid housing.
  • Easy to mount to a robot arm by thread connection.
  • Highest true running accuracy, load capability and best deburring results due to paired ball bearings.

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